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Re: information

Hi ninib!

Welcome to the Debian Women list.

On Jan 4, 2008 8:52 AM, ninib man <ninib_man@hotmail.fr> wrote:

> I'm very interested in "debian women project"; I saw by chance your web page
> when i searched if there is women interested in Linux and free software like
> me. I' m from madagascar, I use debian since 2005. I'm student at our "Ecole
> Nationale d'Informatique" (Institute national of informatic).
> I 'd like to have more information about this project.

Debian Women is a project to bring more women to help Debian.  Thanks
to this project, quite a number of women have started helping Debian,
and many of us have become Debian Developers.

Are you interested in helping Debian?  There are many things to do,
although not all of them sound like a lot of fun, they can be very
interesting once you get to understand how things work.

Some possible things to do to help Debian are: packaging (making new
packages, adopting orphaned packages, participating in a packaging
team), fixing bugs, writing documentation, doing artwork for the
Desktop Environments.

If you are interested in any of these, or any other areas that might
help enhance Debian, you can ask for help on the list or on the IRC
channel: #debian-women at irc.oftc.net


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