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Fwd: Introducing Myself

Hi Jordi,

Ah well now that you have put me on the spot I'll admit to being a big
fan of the Sims! In what little spare time I have I've built up a nice
neighbourhood and great community of Sims.

I shall be able to make more use of OO now than when I was doing my
primary degree, all our notes would be done in .ppt or .doc format and
that's what they wanted back, you'd find computers that hadn't got the
adobe reader.  When working on stuff at home and then in college i
just found the formatting got real messy trying to use my preferred
s/w then shift to the ms version.  In some respects it was just being
lazy but time-wise it was easier.  Believe me the air was blue
sometimes when good old ms did the unexpected.  Actually before I gave
in and moved to ms I used Lotus Smartsuite and to this day WordPro is
still my favourite word processing package. Formatting of text and
layout was a dream, ms drove me insane in comparison.  I have no
experience of LaTeX so I can't comment.

Thanks for the welcome,


Respect -the ability to see a person as he is, to be aware of his
unique individuality.
ROOT(Respicere - to look at)

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