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Re: Introducing Myself

Hi, Karena! Welcome!

On 29/11/2007, Karena Stannett <karena.stannett@gmail.com> wrote:
> Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be running a pure open source
> system (well not unless EA games start releasing games that will run
> on Linux

Have you played around with free games? I'm currently amused by
Snowballz, and well, having the source around is fun too. I'm also
generally impressed with Wesnoth's AI, and I like to occasionally poke
around its very readable C++ source to see if I can figure out a way
to outsmart it.

Both of these are already packaged for Debian.

> and my educational establishment stops expecting
> presentations and docs in you know whose's office suite formats)

OO.o won't suit your needs?

I personally do everything in LaTeX and give them PDFs for documents
and slides presentations. On the rare cases when I do need a
spreadsheet, I work in OO.o and export as cvs. Of course, here in
mathematics LaTeX is a standard, and although it can be used for
pretty much *everything*, it does require sitting down for a day or so
to learn its syntax and different typesetting paradigm.

- Jordi G. H.

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