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Re: DW dict?

also sprach Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <faw@funlabs.org> [2007.10.05.0344 +0100]:
> 	Hmmm, no it was not the official one. Jutta usually
> does quite a few tests before moving something into production,
> she did a lot of tests with the CSS and she pushed for the
> Glossary and Dict.

This does not really explain why there are 404 links on

> 	It is pretty much the same of the Debian Women:
> 		http://women.debian.org

That's what I meant.

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(on the statement print "42 monkeys"+"1 snake") btw,
both perl and python get this wrong.
perl gives 43 and python gives "42 monkeys1 snake",
when the answer is clearly "41 monkeys and 1 fat snake".
                                                         -- jim fulton

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