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Re: Hello all ..

Sarah Connor wrote:
> I'm a newcomer to the list, and just deciding whether I'm capable of
> giving something back to the Debian community which has offered me so much.

Welcome Sarah :)

I applaud your intent to "give something back".  I think that's part of why most
of us are here (only part though - its also fun!)

> I wasn't going to post an introduction, but given the recent trolling I
> thought it might be timely!
> I'm a 23 year old Debian user based in Edinburgh.  I've been using
> Debian as my operating system of choice since approximately 2003.  I'm
> comfortable with creating and making packages as I do so for work. 
> (We're a perl shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.)
> Right now I'm seriously considering applying to join the project as a
> Debian Developer - the only downside right now is finding a package or
> two to work on specifically .. I work with Perl professionally, but
> mostly the Debian Perl Team seem pretty tight and on top of things...

Maybe you could get involved in working with the Debian Perl team.  I am sure
they would appreciate one more person to squash bugs, test fixes, update
documentation or whatever.  I don't know if you are familiar with the
debian-perl mailing list [1], but it seems pretty active, so it would be a good
place to start interacting with the Debian Perl community.

Just don't forget Debian Women, though :)  We are pleased to have you.


1.  http://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/

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