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Re: fwd: [IP] It's arrived: the feminisation of the net

martin f krafft wrote:
Thought this might be of interest to some. See attached.


It's arrived: the feminisation of the net

Katie Allen, media business correspondent
Thursday August 23, 2007
The Guardian


Full story at:



I suppose she has to earn her money somehow ;).

One positive(?) element may be that web-marketing will aim more at women. The question mark is there for those who are ambivalent toward the purpose of marketing.

The concept that women don't cope with technical, mathematical or scientific work is regularly overthrown by those women who do it. I think most of us are interested in doing well in our work and our careers - just the same as the other 48% of the population.

Slightly OT : I watched a film on The Ladies Bridge (aka Waterloo Bridge) which was built during the war using female labour. At this moment in time no records exist -verbal, photographic or written - to prove this but it is held amongst the boatmen of the River Thames as true and that's why Waterloo Bridge is also called The Ladies Bridge.

The film was made by a woman who was amazed to find out how much work women did take on during WWII.

It contained an interview with a tiny old woman who had been a welder in the war. Very frail, she recounted the tale of a hospital visit where a male porter was incapable of believing this diminutive woman had been a welder in the war.

I think there is also a view that women in business are now making a significant contribution to the US economy.

I just don't think the media have got their heads round all this yet. They're just so '70s ;).



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