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Re: fwd: [IP] It's arrived: the feminisation of the net

hi martin,

thanks for that.

martin f krafft wrote:

One significant trend that stands out is an apparent feminisation of the internet. "Ever since it kicked off in the early 90s the web has been male-dominated. For the first time this year women are spending more time on the internet than men," says Peter Phillips, strategy and market developments partner at Ofcom, referring to web users in the 25 to 49 age bracket. "It's a big shift and has implications for the kind of content that content providers want to have on the internet."
wow. i hate the way this guys celebrates the issue. the web as an advertising plattform, the usltimate space of consumption. quite telling that he looks at the figures for the 25-49 year olds. i wonder what kind of implications the guy is talking about, or more specifically what kind of 'content' the 'content providers' are now supposed to deliver. a bit like the while, middleclass, middleaged and bold men in tv stations thinking how to best sell commercials to their diverse soap audience.


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