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D-W website and wiki

Hi all!

First of all sorry for catching up with the DebConf meeting so late.
Worked piled up quite a bit when I came back so I had to shift this mail
down the line for a bit. Anyway, here goes:

One of the topics that came up was the d-w website[0] and our wiki[1].

About the website we noticed that while its design is pretty cool the
actual contect is pretty outdated. The main problem here is that the
current d-w page is rather news centered, however, we don't exactly
produce many news, since our work is more of the less spectacular but
steady type. We thus decided to update the existing pages such as the
profiles, involvement etc but also restructure them a bit and replace
the starting page with a more general and time independant "About Debian
Women" section presenting d-w and what can be found on these sites. Also
since the move from bazaar to svn some of the links don't work any more
and need to be fixed too. I'm planning to get to these things within the
next weeks. If anyone wants to help with this or has ideas on how to
further improve our websites please share your thoughts with us.

Our wiki also suffers from slight outdatedness(?) and could also need a
visual makeover. It's now a moinmoin, so if anyone has experiences with
moin templates and would like to help, again, please let us know! If you
are competent with moin but not into graphical design, no problem! If
you browse the wiki for a while you'll notice there are some general
display oddities that could also need fixing. No aesthetic fancyness
needed there.

As to the wiki's contents ... well it's a wiki :) So everyone please
feel welcome and asked (well, begged) to edit it. We have some *really*
cool Howtos and Tutorials in there and it would be a real shame if they
sank into oblivion just because they all deal with sarge or are
otherwise outdated or simply not used anymore. So, if you have some
spare time, please help bringing our wiki back to its former fame!
There's nothing special you need to know in order to edit the wiki, you
only need to have an account and be logged in, in order to be allowed to
edit the pages.

Last but not least we thought it might be a good idea to appoint a kind
of official editor for the d-w websites. The editor's duty would be to
keep an eye on the websites (and maybe also the wiki), keep them in
shape and up to date and generally be the contact person for all web
related things and issues. This of course doesn't mean that other may
not edit the webpages anymore but rather that while they *may* edit
them, the editor *should*. For example if you notice any errors on the
webpages and don't want to or cannot fix them yourself or if there is
something you'd like to see on the websites but don't want to say so on
the mailinglists the editor would be the person to contact.

As you can see, there's a lot to do and some fancy new ideas floating
around, so if there's anything you'd be interested in doing or if you
have any further ideas on how to improve the website or the wiki please
share them with us! There are also tasks in all technical ranges so if
you haven't yet been active in d-w this might be a nice starting point.
You won't be left alone with anything of course and there'll always be
someone to ask if you have questions.


[0] http://women.debian.org/
[1] http://women.debian.org/wiki/
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