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Re: women in IT (in AU)

Jude Lucien wrote:
> Interesting thread.

Indeed.  It would be cool to do a survey of the list subscribers wrt this issue.

> I'm usually a lurker on this list, but I thought I would contribute.

Welcome!  Always nice when lurkers un-lurk :)

> In my regional office full of geeks (we're more os and hardware than
> software) I am the only woman out of 20.
> I know that my department overall tries to maintain 8% females, but I
> don't know how successful they are.  I work for one of internet search
> firms in the US.

OK, so now I want to know:  is there anyone on this list who works in IT who is
in a department/organisation/group where more than half the people are women?
If so, what is the size of the group?


(I don't work in IT but in physics, and there would be less than 10% women in my
department, I guess.)

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