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Re: SATA Hard drive problem

On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 07:02:47AM +1200, Jenna R wrote:
> I am experiencing a problem with my dedicated server which is using a 250GB
> SATA hard drive. Fdisk reports that /dev/sda1 is 241GB in size, but df -h
> reports there is only 877MB on /dev/sda1 (mounted as /) .. Output follows

It is not impossible that the filesystem size differs from the partition
size.  It normally happens on LVM devices, though, when you resize the LV
without doing the filesystem at the same time.  Not quite sure how it would
have happened in this case (although I can give you a long list of

If you boot up with a rescue disk and use resize2fs on the block device
(assuming an ext2/ext3 filesystem) that should make the filesystem the same
size as the block device.  You can't do it on the running system, since ext3
(still) doesn't have a widely available online resize capability.

- Matt

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