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Re: IT screen goddesses

Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Helen Faulkner <helen@debian.org> [2006:07:09 21:51 +1000]: 
>> Actually, I think it's a great idea to do something like this to gain publicity
>> and counter some of the stereotypes about people in general and women in
>> particular, who work in IT.  You might like to spead the word to other relevant
>> groups and consider buying one of the calendars for themselves.
> Is it smashing stereotypes or promoting objectification of women? I
> don't see how this is helpful at all; it is not marketed to women. As if
> women in technology are not already fetishized enough.

I don't think this calendar is promoting objectification of women - the photos
seem to me to be tasteful and amusing (though I can't personally recognise all
of the films that the shots are based on).  They seem to have intentionally
chosen a diverse range of women to be involved in the calendar - a strategy of
which I heartily approve.

The project information [1] says the following:

"A diverse range of models was selected to represent the reality of a variety of
roles – from software to hardware, from students to managing directors – as well
as a wide range of ages, ethnicities and body shapes.

Each month includes a biography of the woman featured that month, as well as a
significant date in technology history, covering leading technology women such
as Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Hedy Lamarr, Anita Borg and our Australian
contingent of WWII General MacArthur Bureau female cytologists, Diana Ryall, and
Ann Moffatt."

I like it!

Anyway, whether you approve or disapprove, it's certainly a different take on
the whole "women in IT" thing.

Has anyone ever considered making a calendar (or any colletion of photos, I
guess) of Debian people?  To put faces to the names which are all that most of
us know about each other.  I wonder if there is any software for creating
calendars in Debian, hmmm....


1. http://www.thoughtware.com.au/hosting/calendar2006/media.htm

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