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Debian election on now

Hi everyone,

Sorry to those who already know all about this.  I reckon there are a few of you
who aren't on many or any other Debian mailing lists, so this is maybe news for

The election for this year's Debian Project Leader [1] is in progress at the
moment.   There are 7 nominations, and we have now entered a 3-week campaigning
period, which is followed by a 3-week voting period [2].  Only Debian Developers
may vote in the election, but it may still be of interest for non-developers and
non-developers can take part in the discussion on the mailing list and the IRC

I suggest joining the debian-vote mailing list [3] to anyone who is interested
in observing Debian debating culture in action.  It will probably be
high-traffic over the next few weeks, though.  But interesting!

You may also be interested in reading the candidates' platforms, once they are
posted to [1] by the Debian Project Secretary, and watching or participating in
the IRC debate, which is yet to be announced.

I think it would be great to get more women involved in the discussion and
debate surrounding the DPL elections, so please, let us know your views and your
wishes for Debian's future!


1. http://www.debian.org/vote/2006/vote_002
2. http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2006/02/msg00665.html
3. http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/

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