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Re: debian women: presentation on february 24?

Hi all,
I think we still need someone to give this talk in Brussels. I decide to
copy this e-mail on this list to let you know the reasons that make me
unable to do it.


Hi Helen and Laurence,
As I said, I am planning to attend FOSDEM. In the very first time I read
the e-mail on d-w mailing list, I understood that it would happen in the
days that FOSDEM are going to happen, but now I understand that it is
not what you need.

I just moved to Zurich, and I'm planning to leave the city at night on
friday 24th because I just started to work, and I will have one full
week out of office to organize my new place in middle of march. For this
reason I think it would not be possible for me to do that on 24th.

I really sorry for this misunderstanding, and if there is something else
I can do to help you, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Fernanda G Weiden

constantvzw_laurence rassel wrote:
> Dear Fernanda
> sorry to pursue you like this since you said you come to the fosdem and
> won't mind to present debian philosophy, practice and how the debian
> women project works but as you might guess i have to organise a bit your
> visit in advance.
> so are you still ok to come?
> is it ok for from 1pm to 4pm? of course with break, questions and a bit
> hands on debian and for 15/20 people max??
> we have 15 pcs unfortunately on windows, but i guess we could have
> live-cds, internet connection, and a beamer
> many thanks again
> don't hesitate if you have any question
> kind regards
> laurence

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