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Re: Hello

Zoe Parsons wrote:
> I've just been coming out of a major bout of depression 

Hey! Congrats, that's hard to get out of. Glad you made it!

> If anyone has useful suggestions of things to work on/help with much
> appreciated and so forth.

Lars gave you a couple of good ideas, I would like to add my couple of
suggestions too. I find these tasks easy, fun and rewarding:

1 - There is a pseudo package, named base, that gets bug reports from
    users taht do not really know where to report them. Feel free to
    browse this list and reassing bugs apporpiately:

2 - There is an ongoing transition that is a lot of fun. The package
    xlibs-dev has dissapeared from unstable, and there's several other x
    libraries that replace it. So the task is to see all the packages
    that build-depend on xlibs-dev and find out the right
    build-dependencies for them, and send a patch. This only requires
    reading http://wiki.debian.org/DependsXlibsDev and knowing pbuilder.
    There is a link on the wiki to a script that eases the task quite a

Happy hacking!

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