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Re: Hello

to, 2006-01-12 kello 04:47 +0000, Zoe Parsons kirjoitti:
> I've just been coming out of a major bout of depression and thought that 
> I'd try and get myself actively involved in Debian finally (about time, 
> I've been using it for years now). Just thought I'd say hello really. :-)
> If anyone has useful suggestions of things to work on/help with much 
> appreciated and so forth.

Depending on your skills, I suggest one of the following:

* writing missing manual pages; see
http://lintian.debian.org/reports/Tbinary-without-manpage.html for a

* testing packages with release critical bugs (see
http://bts.turmzimmer.net/details.php) and seeing if you can reproduce
them, and if available, apply any patches in the bug reports and see if
they work and fix the problem

* coming up with patches to fix release critical bugs

* adopting an orphaned package that you would use yourself (it's better
to package things that you use, the quality tends to be better), or that
has other users (packages without users aren't generally very useful to
have in Debian)

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