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Re: Fwd: What is Lesbian GNU/Linux?

Hi Reni, everyone,

Reni Hofmueller wrote:
> hello!
> this is my first email now to the list - i've been reading it for some
> months now; i am an artist and media activist, using debian linux (and
> serveral other distribution o the way) since 5, 6 years now - not a
> programmer, but who know, what will come with time.


I wonder how many other artist and/or media types are out there on this list.
Anyone care to put their hands up?  I would be interested to know what the
appeal of Debian is for art or artists.  Maybe you have a different take on
things to scientist types like myself.

> anyway - i came over this really irritating site - 
> it says it is a parody - not convincing me though
> i find, it sucks.

It's a bad joke.  It is irritating, but so are lots of things on the web.  best
to ignore it, I think.


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