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SFD - tech help portion

Hi everyone,

So for my portion of Software Freedom Day, I'm organizing a "tech help"
event. Basically, people will be able to ask questions about packaging,
the BTS, user problems or whatever comes to mind. However, I'll have
some infrastructure in place for some more "interesting" stuff in case
anyone wants to use it.

In short, I'm replicating Debian infrastructure: by this I mean that I
will have:

- a BTS just like Debian's BTS
  If people want to test stuff that's not on the live bugs.debian.org,
  such as reassigning bugs, trying out the new BTS features (like
  usertags), or whatever else comes to mind. There will be people
  present who can give guidance on these topics as well.

- dak
  For those who don't know, dak is a collection of scripts that run the
  Debian archive. I'll have it setup so that people can upload packages
  to my server and play around with that to see how it works. More
  detailed instructions will be provided the day of (or potentially the
  night before, depending on how much time I have).

- a buildd
  Once packages are uploaded, they will be built by an autobuilder, more
  or less exactly like how it's done with the real Debian archive. I'm
  hoping to have it look more or less like buildd.debian.org does with
  logs and so forth and there will be people around to explain details
  of this as well.

What you'll need if you want to use this infrastructure:

- A package to build
  If you don't have one of these, we can work around that by either
  letting you upload a random package that isn't very big. These
  packages won't be used anywhere, but it'd probably be preferable to
  either choose a sacrificial package from the orphaned packages list or
  perhaps we can have one set aside for this specific purpose.

- A GPG key
  If you don't have one of these and need instructions on how to create
  one, just follow up to this mail (publicly or privately) and I'll tell
  you how to make one.

  For GPG keys, normally dak has a keyring setup which it only accepts
  keys from, but in this case it will be setup to fetch keys after a
  signed package is uploaded.

Despite all of this, I want to make it clear that using this is not a
necessary requirement to participate in the tech help portion of SFD --
anyone with user questions / packaging questions / whatever is very
welcome to participate, but this infrastructure will be available to
anyone who wants to use it.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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