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Re: Software Freedom Day -- UPDATE

Erinn Clark wrote:
> Right, so we have some plans for Software Freedom Day. We'll be running
> several events and they are open to everyone as usual, but we're going
> to try to appeal to all levels.

Thanks for taking the lead with sorting this stuff out, Erinn :)

> - A Debian Women welcome day/channel
>   This will primarily be intended for people who are new to Debian,
>   Debian Women, and/or IRC and want to meet some people or get a feel
>   for what the members are like. Helen Faulkner has volunteered to take
>   care of this and she'll be needing volunteers -- primarily people who
>   are willing and able to be very welcoming to newcomers and show them
>   the ropes, so to speak.

OK, so this one is my "baby".  We will set up a #debian-women-new IRC channel on
the irc.oftc.org network, running from 0000 to 2359 on 10th September.  There
may be further administrative details to arrange - these will be announced later.

This channel will be for sociable and friendly conversation between a small
number of Debian Women "oldies" and hopefully a large number of people who are
new to Debian and/or Debian Women, or people who have been lurking for awhile
without saying anything, or who have been on the mailing list for ages but are
new to IRC.  We will post instructions on how to connect to the channel for a
few popular IRC clients (yes, I'll track down instructions for one that runs on
windows/MACOS too).

The conversation probably won't be very technical in nature, though we will
happily answer any questions you have about the Debian Women project and about
getting invoved in DW/Debian in general.  The aim is to allow new people to join
in, in a friendly environment, and to meet some of the regulars on
#debian-women, so that when you join there you have already met some of the

We will try to have people there at least some of the time who speak languages
other than English, and the "English only" rule will be suspended for that day,
so that people who are less confident about their English skills can also join
in.  If you are looking for someone who speaks a particular language, please
email me and I'll see if I can arrange to let you know if and when someone
speaking your language will be there.

So, I will be looking for volunteers from among the #debian-women regulars to
help out in meeting and greeting people on #debian-women-new at different times
during the day.  We'll need to arrange 24hour coverage.  So please email me and
let me know if you are interested, and what times you could commit to be online.
 If you speak languages other than English, please let me know about those too
:)  I will make up a roster in due course and let all the volunteers know
whether we need them and when.

If anyone has any questions, comments or ideas about this, please reply to the
list or to me privately, and we'll discuss further.


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