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Software Freedom Day -- UPDATE

Right, so we have some plans for Software Freedom Day. We'll be running
several events and they are open to everyone as usual, but we're going
to try to appeal to all levels.

- A Debian Women welcome day/channel
  This will primarily be intended for people who are new to Debian,
  Debian Women, and/or IRC and want to meet some people or get a feel
  for what the members are like. Helen Faulkner has volunteered to take
  care of this and she'll be needing volunteers -- primarily people who
  are willing and able to be very welcoming to newcomers and show them
  the ropes, so to speak.

- DW "help" day
  This will be for people who may or may not be involved in Debian/DW
  and want help with, say, packaging or perhaps taking care of some
  nagging Debian issue they haven't gotten help with yet. In other
  words, its primary focus will be on users and developers and will be
  technical in nature. I've volunteered to take care of this and will
  need people around who are willing to give technical advice and
  assistance wrt Debian matters.

  For those of you who wish to participate in a bug-squashing party,
  this is the place to be. This will also be technical in nature and its
  aim is, well, to find bugs and squash them. :) It will probably take
  place in #debian-bugs, but Hanna Wallach will be taking care of this,
  so she can follow up with more details once she finds out she's been
  volunteered for the position. (Hi Hanna! Smooches!)

Now, all that said: I know this is sort of unfair to people who
can't/don't want to participate in IRC activities, but there's room for
more ideas, so if you have anything in mind that would work well on the
list or elsewhere, by all means share. :)

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