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Re: Another "Women in Open Source" Session

Hey Danese,

> At the end one of the panelists proposed a general discussion list
> about Women in Open Source and we asked for a show of hands and saw
> 100% interest (about 200 people, including Larry Wall and other
> prominent FOSS leaders).  Still working out the best place to host
> it, but we have an offer from OSI (which would be called
> women@opensource.org).

That's great! Will you keep us updated? I'm sure there are many DW
members who'd love to join.

> They did an audio recording of it (videographers not available) so
> we'll have that to offer DW for its collection :-).

Excellent! Let us know when it's available somewhere -- I know I'd
definitely like to listen to it.

hanna m. wallach

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