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[site] Translation: access and currency

Hello, everybody. :)

I think this is a much newer area for most of us translators than the wiki. The D-W homepage doesn't have links to any translations of its pages, although they may be there.

I think really the wiki is a much easier place for us to translate, since access and editing is so much more available, much more easily done, for all of us, but especially for new people or people doing a bit here and there.

The main site has a (to me ;) ) complex file-management process. Therefore, translating any of its pages probably needs to go through a co-ordinator who could process them. However, could we, for example, have the key pages available online via FTP, with a password? Being able to upload translated pages via FTP would also help a lot. However, I don't know how difficult this would be to set up.

When I offered to translate the main D-W site into Vietnamese, it turned out to be too complex for me to manage getting and putting the pages myself, and Mary (I think: sorry, I don't have the mails anymore :( ) very kindly offered to help me out with that. I appreciate that so much. :) But she's evidently very busy, because I haven't heard back from her with any pages.

If you're willing to translate any of the main D-W site pages (and I think having the homepage translated, at least, would bring us in a lot more people from your language group), then please say so here, or contact me. We need to work out what we want to do.

if the FTP arrangement (or something usable at a similar level of skill) is viable, is anyone willing to help us set that up? It would obviate some poor focus person having to grab current pages, in order to send them to prospective translators, and then having to upload them once done. We'd really like to take that burden off such a person: ftp or similar would give us access _and_ currency, two essential things for translation material.

Please forgive my ignorance if such things are not possible for the main D-W site. I'd just like to find an easier way for us all, because it would remove some fairly hefty present barriers to translating the site. Currently, a prospective translator can't get a copy of any of the pages, and even if s/he grabbed the source via http and translated it (as I did with a couple of the pages, early on), s/he has nowhere to send it.

Where can we go from here?

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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