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Re: DW

On 8/11/05, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> So, hmm, you may be right that this is a strategy that debian-women needs to
> adopt in order to scale up much beyond its current size; for my part,
> though, that seems to demand a greater mental commitment than I'm able to
> give for tracking of who is or isn't a newcomer.  I guess there may be a
> culture gap as well; the sort of reception you describe is certainly one I

IMHO, more than a cultural or gender differences, its about trying to
understand another human's perspective, listening and allowing it to
co-exist just as one would one's own. However valid the justification
to not do so may be, if we never experiment or try out new paths how
can one predict its success or failure ?

> would expect to see (and be inclined to offer) in response to a "first-time
> poster" post introducing oneself to the list, but if I posted to a new list
> with a technical comment (which is what I remember seeing from new posters,
> as I try to reach back in my memory to recall those posts that prompted
> vague reactions of "hmm, I don't recognize that name"), I would expect a
> technical response.  A lack of pleasantries wouldn't phase me in the least.

Not entirely .... Avery's mail was lost / unanswered among others :

Maybe someone with more experience will choose to answer it.
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