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Re: A list for D-W translators (|| स्वक्ष ||)

On 8/2/05, Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> wrote:

Hello Everyone !

> Welcome, || स्वक्ष || ! It's really great to see you
> posting here. Keep it up. :)

Hi Clytie :-)

> I'd like to talk more with you about the Unicode issues for your
> language, and about possibly using Pootle instead of Rosetta: I've
> used both, and I'm very involved with Pootle development now, so I'd
> be happy to help with that.

Hmm.. yes, after thinking it over, the "GPL" swung my vote toward
Pootle (I dont mind the learning curve :-)


> This means joining two more groups, ;), sorry, but they're both

Ahh ...no problems :-) 

> places where you have access to a lot of expertise. You'll meet the
> same people there: for example, both Christian and I are members of
> both lists. Hopefully we can meet more of our 'new' and 'old' D-W
> friends there. :)

I do hope to climb the steep learning curve with tons of support :-) 
I did post a question almost 18 hours ago to this list,
<debian-in-workers@lists.alioth.debian.org>, which Christian had
suggested but its not listed in the archives. Any idea why ?

> debian-i18n
> <mailto:debian-i18n-request@lists.debian.org?subject=subscribe>

maybe I should try this list also :-)

> translate-pootle
> https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/translate-pootle
> has a very welcoming and helpful community, and the developers are
> extremely receptive to suggestions, and will try very hard to do
> anything to help the translators. Pootle itself is at:
> http://pootle.wordforge.org/
> and it is constantly in development, although already a very powerful
> and useful translation tool. The BitTorrent project recently set up
> their own Pootle, and I translated their data there. It worked very
> well. I've used the main Pootle site extensively.

I registered with Pootle and all the help will be greatly appreciated
:-)  so I shall post  to that list about it.

> As I said, || स्वक्ष ||, I'm a member of both lists, and
> would be happy to meet you there, and join in the discussion of your
> questions. I'll look forward to seeing you there. Send me an email
> when you're about to post, and I'll introduce you, if you like. :)

Thanks so much Clytie ! You rock :-)  

|| स्वक्ष || svaksha

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