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All your base are belongs to us

I am about to introduce the latest cool & 3l1t3 Debian Women Project:
"Base Maintenance" aka "All your base are belongs to us".

During Debconf5 at Helsinki, Anthony Towns offered the base
pseudo-package up for adoption. This is not a real package, but a bit
bucket where all the bugs go when the submitter doesn't know what
package the bugs belong to. You can see what it looks like at:

I put up my hand, willing to take good care of it, but soon afterwards
Christian Perrier (IIRC) came up with the idea that it would be a nice
project for the most adventurous Debian Women, and I agreed. This is
a great way to help Debian without being a DD, to practice your bug
handling skills and to get a better insight on how Debian works, as you
get to see bugs of various nature.
I only have to apologize for not having written this email earlier.

So, let's get to the point...

Taking care of the base pseudo package would involve:

- Creating a mailing list to appear in the Maintainer field (or using
  this one). Discuss.
- Subscribing the mailing list to the Package Tracking System so that
  bug reports get there. 
  If you want to subscribe yourself to the base pseudo-package bugs,
  there are instructions at:
	 Just send email to pts@qa.debian.org, with a Subject of
	 "subscribe base your@email.com".
- Take a look at the bugs reported. Try to reproduce them. Ping the
  submitter for further input. Reassing them to the right package. Close
  the bugs if necessary (hint: properly testing and closing bugs tagged

I would love to hear (read) your input on this little project, and hope
you find it of interest and want to get involved in it.

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