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Re: Final call: D-W t-shirts for Debconf5

Hanna M. Wallach wrote:
Hi people,

Hi Hanna

I'm planning to get Debian Women t-shirts printed for Debconf5. I will
be getting them plotter printed
(http://motifs.co.uk/plotterprinting.html) by Motifs.co.uk (whom I
have used before and thorougly recommend). If you would like a D-W
t-shirt for Debconf5, let me know as soon as possible, and I'll get
back to you about sizes, colours and prices.

I'd going like to put in the order ASAP. This is your last chance to
order a D-W t-shirt for Debconf5. Let me know if you would like one!

I want one (if it's not already too late?).



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