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Invitation to view resource network for women in SET

Thanks Erinn for the thumbs up and to everyone for letting me post this 
invitation to the list!


I thought some of you who are interested in issues surrounding women in
Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) might want to take a look at the
project I have been working on towards fulfilling the requirements for my
graduate degree in the Master of Arts in Communications & Technology
Program at the University of Alberta:

Recently the network was added to the Women in Scholarship, Engineering, 
Science and Technology (WISEST) website at the University of Alberta. This 
Resource Network was designed by myself, and is based upon a study conducted 
by the WISEST Research Team. In 2003, the WISEST Research Team completed a 
looking at the retention of women in SET related careers. Findings from this 
research included a proposal for the development of a computer mediated, 
Resource Network for women in SET. The project I created is a prototype 
developed based upon the findings of this project. It includes information on 
career-decision making, mentoring, and women's perspectives on their career 
paths in SET fields.

Individuals (men and women)with a direct link to issues surrounding women in 
SET are being encouraged to complete an online survey designed to test the 
usability and effectiveness of the network. As this is a pilot test, we will 
be using your feedback to help improve the material. Constructive critique is 
very much welcome!

If you would like to take a peek at it (and by all means provide feedback
through the site) you can find it at

The electronic survey is located at http://www.wisest.ualberta.ca/survey.cfm

All the best, and I hope some of you find the information contained in the
resource network helpful or beneficial.

Penny Cholmondeley

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