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Re: Getting involved

* fabienne s <fabienne@fabienne.us> [2005:06:07 11:54 +0200]: 
> So it took me (and maybe a first time user) FIVE webhops (minimum) to 
> find that AMD is in fact one of the architectures supported by Debian 
> and incidentally only ONE to see that sparc and arm are supported.  
> Maybe I'm the only one to find this a little weird?  And maybe this 
> whole _rant_ should be posted elsewhere, but it only scratches the 
> surface of what could be a very large debian frontpage and debian wiki 
> collaborative effort.  In closing, yes I agree wholeheartedly with 
> Erinn, the debian wiki and the debian.org webpages in general are in 
> need of some serious love.

Yeah, I'm just not inclined to believe that it's really easy to
contribute to them. I mean, the whole 'send a patch to this mailing
list, possibly have to argue about whether the information is suitable,
maybe eventually get commit access, who knows how long it will all take'
approach to documentation is sort of ... inconvenient? I'm certainly not
inclined to submit changes because it's too much of a hassle.

But yeah, if things suck, it's technically our fault because we
recognize it as such and don't change it. :)

The unfortunate thing about wikis is there lack of structure and the
problems involved with extracting information out of them into a more
normal format suitable for "real" documentation. They also tend to
become a total mess without some kind of enforcement.

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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