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Re: pixely d-w tshirt

Hi Fabienne!!

I liked it, but i have a small sugestion about it:

IMHO, I think that it would look better 
if the "Debian Women" text wasn't pixelized.

It would differ of the pixelized "swirl",
making a cool contrast.

My $0.02 about it.

Best to you.

2005/6/9, fabienne s <fabienne@fabienne.us>:
> hi d-w,
>      i've been feeling creative lately over at pixel tees, just wanted
> to throw out there that i made a pixel art version of the d-w logo and
> posted the tshirt here:
> http://www.pixeltees.com/shop/fabiennez/detail/?shirt=20050609-071837-6550999199&&c=20050609-072142-4102633231&b=shop|20041219
> not meant to compete with the D-W shirts for Debconf5!!! In fact I would
> love to purchase a tshirt even though I can't attend the conf...
> as for revenue, at pixel tees one makes 1 dollar on a tshirt sold, i'd
> be willing to paypal you back the dollar if you want to get a shirt.
> this isn't a money making attempt on my part at all.  if you want to
> make your own pixel tees shirt or if you just want the pixel version of
> the logo, i posted it on my site:
> http://fabienne.us/images/debianwomen.gif
> or in png for anti-gif people:
> http://fabienne.us/images/debianwomen.png
> feel free to redistribute, print out, modify, no copyright on my part
> whatsoever ...
> cheers,
> fabienne
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