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Re: dw-wiki questions

* Clytie Siddall wrote:
> More questions... ;)  ò
> The wiki seems to be tripping up over one character: an o with grave,  
> in the UTF-8 charset: U+00F2 (a Latin character!).
> I don't understand why, but I do remember when we had a similar  
> problem with the VNOSS wiki [1], with Wikini (WackoWiki), refusing to  
> display the character e with circumflex and acute combined...

Is that a problem that you encounter when writing normal text, or when trying
to create links. Note that you cannot (at least as far as I know) have
non-US-ASCII characters in URLs. Thus if you wanted to create a page named
`Vietnamese/<something with non-US-ASCII character>' it will fail. The normal
approach to this has been to stick with the English page names.

If using the English page names is not acceptable, you can always use
ASCIIfied versions of Vietnamese names (this seems to be the way it is
handled on the VNOSS wiki). Other than that, I do not think it is technically
possible (except by maybe encoding the URLs differently, but that would make
the URL even less readable, so I don't think it has any advantage over the
other approaches).

> Another problem: can I create alias links to the English ones, e.g.
> "•     PmWiki/Documentation"
> so the space isn't taken up by something I have to explain separately?

Yes, you can do so by using the following format:

	[[PmWiki/DocumentationIndex | Documentation]]

This will create a link to `PmWiki/DocumentationIndex' and name the link
`Documentation'. Note that alternatively you can use:


Which will automatically be made into a link to the specified page. However,
this will make the link text `DocumentationIndex' and won't leave any room
for translation.

> I will need to create separate links for the sandbox etc.: I can do  
> that?

You can always create new pages. There are several approaches to that: you
can just enter the URL to that page (for example `/Vietnamese/WikiSandbox')
you want in you browser, which will give you an empty new page that you can
start editing immediately. Alternatively you can create links 
> Back to the edits...

Hope this helps, and thanks for helping out with this.


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