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Re: Science fiction?

I never read sci fi..  Don't like it much.  I rarely even like fiction
books.  Watch Deep space 9 occasionally but I'm not much into
alternate reality sci fi stuff much in general.

I get into (enjoy) Open source stuff because it's an infinitely
learnable landscape.


On 5/23/05, Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hanna M. Wallach wrote:
> > On Friday I met with two researchers working on "understanding gender
> > issues in open source" as part of the FLOSSpols project. One of the
> > (many) things we discussed was whether the women involved in free
> > software projects tend to read as much science fiction as the
> > men. (They're interested in this from a point of view of "entry into
> > the free software world" and "identifying with the free software
> > community and culture.") I thought it'd be interesting to ask on here
> > -- do you read science fiction?
> >
> I read a lot of sci-fi and a lot of fantasy.  I am fairly discriminating
> with both of those - there is a lot of rubbish out there and I have a
> low tolerance of it.  But there is also some wonderful stuff.
> My favourite author is probably Ursula le Guin, especially her recent
> works. I also enjoy writers like Greg Egan (Australia sci-fi author who
> loads his books with excellent maths and physics) and Diana Wynne Jones
> (British fantasy author who writes wonderfully well about families and
> the way they interact).
> It has never occurred to me to connect my interest in sci-fi with my
> interest in the open source software culture and community. Maybe both
> interests are to do with me being a scientist and having that sort of
> mind, but I don't think there's a causal relationship between the two,
> for me.
> Helen
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