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Re: Science fiction?

Hanna M. Wallach wrote:
> On Friday I met with two researchers working on "understanding gender
> issues in open source" as part of the FLOSSpols project. One of the
> (many) things we discussed was whether the women involved in free
> software projects tend to read as much science fiction as the
> men. (They're interested in this from a point of view of "entry into
> the free software world" and "identifying with the free software
> community and culture.") I thought it'd be interesting to ask on here
> -- do you read science fiction?

I read a lot of sci-fi and a lot of fantasy.  I am fairly discriminating
with both of those - there is a lot of rubbish out there and I have a
low tolerance of it.  But there is also some wonderful stuff.

My favourite author is probably Ursula le Guin, especially her recent
works. I also enjoy writers like Greg Egan (Australia sci-fi author who
loads his books with excellent maths and physics) and Diana Wynne Jones
(British fantasy author who writes wonderfully well about families and
the way they interact).

It has never occurred to me to connect my interest in sci-fi with my
interest in the open source software culture and community. Maybe both
interests are to do with me being a scientist and having that sort of
mind, but I don't think there's a causal relationship between the two,
for me.


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