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Re: Debian gathering in mid-May? (Was: Re: Introduction)

"MKH" == Michelle Klein-Hass <msgeek703@gmail.com>
"CD"  == Cere Davis <ceremona@gmail.com>

    CD> There is supposed to be some sort of Los Angeles Debian
    CD> gathering (foodconf as it has apparently come to be
    CD> called) in mid May.  Figured it would be good as many
    CD> west coast North American to know about it as possible.

    MKH> OK, please, folks...I need details! I actually *do* live
    MKH> in LA and want to attend this gathering.

Any more information about this event (or nonevent, as the case
may be)?

There is a Southern California Debian group, unfortunately, the
guy who runs the list and the site thinks that blocking huge
swaths of the 'Net based on his opinions of their ``spam-freindly
[sic] attitudes'' is okay.


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