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Re: Women wanted as games programmers

One of the best games of the last year was Beyond Good and Evil, whose
heroine is a green-haired teenager anybody, men or women, would identify with.

Highly recommended, good for 12 yro and up, and it is now being sold for 10
euros in re-edition!

-- javier

Andrew Suffield wrote:
> On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 01:46:35PM +1000, Pia Waugh wrote:
>>Just a quick comment on this, I don't think that the cars and guns
>>thing is what puts girls off some games, it is the ridiculous pigeon-holing
>>of women in those games that leaves the bad taste. I loved playing quake,
>>doom, wolfenstein, metal slug and a bunch of other shoot-em-ups as a kid,
>>even though there were next to no "normal" looking women in them (with the
>>exception of metal slug :), but now most women in games are portrayed as a
>>prize or a sexy enemy.
> Clearly you play the wrong games :P
> Most of the best ones in recent history have either had strong female
> protagonists or principals (Phantom Brave, Disgaea, Xenosaga, Final
> Fantasy X-2) or simply been ambivalent about the gender of the
> characters (typically because they have no plot; such games either
> allow you to pick the gender or simply don't indicate one).
> Now, if you're talking about *bad* games, then you might see something
> more like that... but they suck, what did you expect? There will
> always be more bad games than good ones.
> I can think of very few games like you describe that were actually
> decent. Prince of Persia comes to mind.

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