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Re: Women wanted as games programmers


fun article, but it doesn't mention names of actual gaming companies that are looking to hire women. ubisoft comes to mind (it's here in town in paris), and i know they aren't hiring _anyone_ this year in france as programmers, let alone women. france is going to have a rougher time dealing with women in computer science or IT seeing as there is already a huge market saturation of programmers.

on a side note, i think it might be interesting to contact John Sear, the professor in the article to see if maybe we could get some more details.

oh, and don't you think it would be nice to have a collective non-blog space to collect interesting links? i've been fishing around on the d-w wiki and on the webpage but i don't see any collected links. maybe a debian-women account on http://del.icio.us would be cool? make magazine (http://makezine.com/blog) has a collective account on del.icio.us:
i think it's a cool example of a way to keep track of links for a group of likeminded people. anyway, i guess one could do a search through the archives of the mailing list, but that doesn't sound like much fun.


Helen Faulkner wrote:

Hi All,

This may be of interest, especially if any of you are in the UK and
considering doing a degree in computer science.


I think it's a positive step.


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