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free access to a Debian "sarge" server

We are offering free access to our Debian "sarge" web server,
including ssh access, vnc/X11 remote desktops, web, email, DNS hosting,
cgi, php, wikis, etc.  We intend to provide more services including
anti-spam, and "interesting" things such as online scripture study, and
a free matchmaking service, as we are able.  More details at

We are also offering support, web design and programming services
free of charge.

If you would like a login account, send me your ssh public key, and
nominate a user name - and please provide some info about yourself so
that we can trust you.

This is a community project in the spirit of the free software movement,
we are not out to make money - our "business model" is simply that we
can provide a useful service to lots of people without having to pay
more for our server that we were paying already.  If the service becomes
popular, we hope that more people will contribute so we can continue to
provide a quality service to everyone who asks for it.

Several Debian developers and others have started supporting this
project by helping with systems administration.  Of course, we wouldn't
be doing this if it weren't for the wonderful Debian operating system.

Thanks, Debian!



The Free Community Project -
You can't buy service like this!

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