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Re: install party in paris

Ya, I'd love an excuse to leave the US right now.  Plus I've always
wanted to visit France.  Especially the southern part.


On 4/26/05, Avery Ke <avery@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> Fabienne S wrote:
> >hi d-w people,
> >      i'm throwing an install party in paris in two
> >weeks (saturday may 14th) if any of you on this list
> >are in town.  drop me a line off the list and i'll
> >send you an invite.
> An install party AND Paris?!?!?! The very idea brings a smile to my
> face. And then a sigh. Where oh where are a rich uncle and a private
> jet when you need them? Lacking specified uncle&jet, I do so most
> REGRETFULLY decline.
> Avery
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