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Re: Cycle has entered sid


~/.cycle/username can be easily retrieved just using a
python's module and knowing the password. I wouldn't
like such sensitive data to be stored in plain text in
a file.

Maybe adding some export/import script?


--- Avery Ke <avery@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> martin f krafft wrote:
> >Urks, a GUI programme. Why don't people create
> command line tools
> >and put GUIs on top anymore???
> >
> My thoughts, exactly! And I suppose the
> ~/.cycle/username data file
> is in a form that you can't read or manually edit
> because of the
> password protection, but it is annoying. If I use
> cycle  for awhile to
> record my menses, and then can't use it for some
> reason (broken
> dependencies), in the meantime my  menses data will
> be inaccessible,
> right? With a program like Remind, I have a list of
> my appointments so
> long as I have a copy of my ~/.reminders file.
> Avery

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