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Re: Political climate of Debian

* Christine Spang [Wed, 13 Apr 2005 23:08:41 -0400]:

> If it's not too much to ask, what exactly about the GFDL makes it not
> work with the DFSG? I'll gladly do a more intensive reading if needed,
> but if someone has a quick summary, then that would be extremely awesome. :)

  This (which Erinn mentioned in her original mail):


  The full document is not exatcly short, but if you read the first part
  of it (until "Contributions and Support documents"), you should get a
  good overview of what's wrong with the GFDL.

> Also, how exactly does package management for the support of all these
> architectures work? Do maintainers need to compile their packages on
> every architecture (this seems a little ludicrous to require package
> maintainers to actually have access to everything, so I assume that
> there is some other explanation)?

  No, they are autobuilt by dedicated machines. [Extra bit: The reason
  for the proposal to reduce the number of architectures is not the work
  load that 11 architectures mean for individual maintainers, but for a
  small number of developers (e.g., the Release Managers).]

> Hopefully that was helpful, and along the lines of what you're looking
> for. Feel free to correct any mistakes that I may have made. There's so
> much more to learn about than I think I could have ever imagined. <grin>

  Heh. ;-)

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