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Re: [bp-editores] Re: Bug#302572: Fortunes-es contains offensive quotes that should be in fortunes-es-off

El Domingo 03 Abril 2005 15:54, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña escribió:
> On Sun, Apr 03, 2005 at 12:22:40PM +0200, Javier Candeira wrote:
> > Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> > Could you please provide three new quotes that you think were
> > misidentified so I can explain why I did include them?
> Sure, I did that in my last message but deleted it because I didn't want to
> go into a lengthy (and sterile) discussion, but here you go. Pray tell me
> how you feel these are offensive:
> The funny thing is, many of these celebrity quotes are written by women.
> Moreover, most of them are ironic and hardly offensive to women (at least
> not to my dear wife). If you want to discuss quote by quote fine, but
> please do it outside the bug report (preferably in the 'debian-women'
> list?) and open a new bug pointing out the quotes you all feel offensive
> PGP-signed by at least 5 women Debian developers.

Are there 5 female DD? I think there are only 4...
In any case, there are not 5 female DD who speak spanish....

> > Also, you have not acknowledged or denied the rationale for the inclusion
> > in the list of "tu mujer me ama" and "el amor de la mujer casada" (they
> > are mysoginistic because they continue the trend of "all married women
> > are adulteressess because women are duplicitous and treacherous".
> I've never seen the trend that you see (that's a strange cliché I've never
> heard of before) and I rather not go into that discussion. I wouldn't care
> less if the quote said "Smile, your husband loves me" and I would gladly
> include both a women and a man oriented quote in these cases. Feel free to
> provide a patch.
> As for all the camioneros quotes, I moved them over with little review into
> the offensive side. After all truck drivers are not know for their
> eloquence or their good manners when speaking (hey! another cliché!)
> > Yep, it does look like this package needs a better upstream ;)
> There is no upstream. This is a Debian-only package.
> Regards
> Javier
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