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Re: [bp-editores] Re: Bug#302572: Fortunes-es contains offensive quotes that should be in fortunes-es-off

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
You have skipped lots of them. And many which I don't find are truly offensive and I have actually kept those in fortunes and not moved them

Could you please provide three new quotes that you think were misidentified so I can explain why I did include them?

Also, you have not acknowledged or denied the rationale for the inclusion in the list of "tu mujer me ama" and "el amor de la mujer casada" (they are mysoginistic because they continue the trend of "all married women are adulteressess because women are duplicitous and treacherous".

Previously we had simply deleted "fortunes-camioneros", but this time we figured that fixing the package fortune-es upstream was better a better once-and-for-all measure.

Yes, next time bring that up here to get those issues solved for everybody
and not just for yourselves. That's how free software works :-)

Thanks for the encouragement!!!

Actually, it would be best if people, instead of feeding the BTS with noise
would make an effort provide proper "good quality" quotes for the
fortunes-es package. That would make a difference and be a real benefit for
end users.

Yep, it does look like this package needs a better upstream ;)

-- javier candeira

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