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Re: RFD: Using Arch as revision control system for the website

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* Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> [2005:04:02 20:39 +0200]: 
> Am Samstag, 02.04.05 um 19:24 Uhr schrieb Erinn Clark:
> >is the only one using woody. (Or at least,
> >the only one I know of and since no one else has complained,
> That is one of the questions:
> Are there others having difficulties with it? - But seems there would 
> be a solution, if the problem is only woody, though. It is not only 
> bazaar supporting Arch. Tla can be used, too and that may be on 
> backports.org (I did not verify) and so it must be portable.

You can't use tla with baz archives.

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