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Re: RFD: Using Arch as revision control system for the website

Jutta Wrage escribió:

> I want to know, what those _women_ think, who have said nothing about
> that before but are working on the pages. And yes, from one person, who
> prefers Arch, I have read, that person just does not understand SVN and
> CVS. But still I want to know, what the other _women_ think.

This is going beyond the bounds of acceptable behaviour for the Debian
Women project.

We do not discriminate between women and men in what we do.  Actually,
the person who has done the most recent work on the website is a man,
and we are very appreciative of his efforts in this regard (thanks

Please do not be discriminatory towards either women or men on this
mailing list.  Please do not imply that the opinions of women are more
important to this project than the opinions of men.  It is simply not
true.  What are important are the opinions of all those who wish to
increase the participation of women in Debian.  Steve is certainly in
that category, as has been amply shown by his work in Debian Women and
related areas.


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