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Re: RFD: Using Arch as revision control system for the website

Am Samstag, 02.04.05 um 15:21 Uhr schrieb Steve Langasek:

Hmm, it rather sounds to me like you're the one attached to a particular
version control system, not those who are choosing arch.

I mentioned CVS as an example. I surely would have no problem with svn, as it seems to be used more and more as replacement for CVS.

But if the discussion goes that way to discuss about my personal preferences (I have none beside that what I have to use must run on my systems) it is senseless.

I want to know, what those _women_ think, who have said nothing about that before but are working on the pages. And yes, from one person, who prefers Arch, I have read, that person just does not understand SVN and CVS. But still I want to know, what the other _women_ think.

If all decisions are to the not elected project leader as your seem to find okay, for sure, any dsicussion would be senseless, we just ask her, if she likes.




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