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Re: Debian Women Website

* Thierry Reding <thierry@doppeltgemoppelt.de> [2005:03:20 15:14 +0100]: 
> If this is the case, I was wondering whether it would be helpful to have a
> sort of live tutorial on IRC (like those by Steve and Gürkan) about how to
> use GNU Arch, and maybe attached to that, a short introduction to the new
> website structure.
> If people are interested in participating, I would be happy to do such a
> tutorial. Please reply to this message, or in private if you think this is a
> good idea, so that I can get an overview of whether or not a lot of people
> would like to see such a thing.

This sounds great to me. :)

I really appreciate all of your work on this -- thank you.

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