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Re: DebConf5 in Finland

On Sun Mar 13 at 09:23 (-0500), Erinn Clark wrote:
> Hi everyone,

Terve, as they say here

> Many of you have already mentioned on IRC that you'll be going to DebConf5
> this year, but I wanted to see if anyone else who's not on IRC has thought
> about it?

Well, it's about 2 hours by train from home so it would be a shame not
to go ;) Yes, you can count it as a yes.

Though I have no clear plan yet as next summer is a very unclear area of
time for me. In particular I don't know if I'll be there for a day or
the full DebConf.

If I do have enough free time and some of you are interested in
discovering Turku and Tampere (two of the biggest Finnish cities, each
about 200.000 inh. and about 2h away from Helsinki), I would be
delighted to be your guide.

> I'll (most likely) be in Dijon, France for LSM the week before the
> "official" DebConf5 stuff begins so if any of you can't make it to DebConf5
> but can make it to France, let me know. :)

Oh, I would love to go to the LSM, especially in Dijon, so near to my
home place...

For the people who do go to Dijon I cannot recommend too much spending a
day or two in the nearby Franche-Comté region. One of the loveliest
parts of France (well, it's where I was born, what did you expect? ;).

See you in HEL,

P.S.: The Conspiration is at it! Now that they have heard I had offered
some help to DW, they first sabotaged my home internet connection (it
was mostly down in the past two weeks) and then gave me a very bad flu
(I was stuck in bed the whole week-end). Damn Conspiration!

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