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In memory of Eliza Kuttner

The Capilano College community was extremely saddened by the news that
faculty member, Eliza Kuttner, died in a mudslide that occurred in
the early hours of January 19 2005 in North Vancouver. Eliza was a 
longtime and much-loved instructor who was highly regarded by both her 
colleagues and students. [0]

Eliza loved ideas and challenges. The day before she died she was
updating the details on two projects dear to her, Computer camps for
the summer and mentoring of women students in Computing Sciences. She
didn't shy away from difficult issues, and hard problems, but approached
them with the skill to solve them without wounding the people involved. 
I never heard an unkind remark pass her lips. But I did hear lots that 
made me laugh. [1]

[0] http://www.capcollege.bc.ca/about/publications/informer/2005_issues/feb05/index.xhtml
[1] http://seedwiki.com/wiki/kuttner/

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