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My attempt at publicising the project


I visited FOSDEM 2005 and afterwards I wrote an article about it for a
quite big Swedish computer magazine called Datormagazin [1]. Almost a
paragraph of the short text was about the Debian Women Project, to try
to hype it in the media and make more Swedes aware of it.

Unfortunately, the article got cancelled because my photos from FOSDEM
weren't good enough. Now it's available on the web instead [2] on the
Gnuheter [3] web site. As you see if you search for "Hanna", it's a
very short summary of the speech with lots of statistics.

Oh well. I tried hyping the project at least.

// Ulf Härnhammar

[1] http://www.datormagazin.se/
[2] http://gnuheter.org/diary.php?did=5779
[3] http://gnuheter.org/ -- Slashdot in Swedish, kind of

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