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Fan mail

This guy got in touch with me to show support for the project. I asked
him if it was ok to forward to the list, as I don't think it is really
targeted to me, but to the whole group, and he said yes.

A somewhat clumsy translation follows... I am really tired today, i can
just try to get the message delivered, not perfect wording.

----- Forwarded message from Alfonso Fernandez <afrubin@gmail.com> -----

Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 13:08:51 +0100
From: Alfonso Fernandez <afrubin@gmail.com>
To: amaya@debian.org
Subject: Felicitaciones por el proyecto "Debian Women"

Felicitaciones por promover la filosofía Debian entre la comunidad
femenina. Recientemente he descubierto el proyecto por medio de un foro
de internet que, curiosamente, no tiene nada que ver con la informática
ni con Debian. Como hombre que soy y usuario de Debian me ha gustado
mucho la iniciativa y espero que de siga dando sus frutos, porque a la
comunidad linux en general y debian en particular le hace falta mucho de
"toque femenino".

Espero que el proyecto Debian Women llegue muy lejos. Seguiré
periódicamente la página web del proyecto para ver cómo evoluciona y os
deseo todo lo mejor.

Un saludo.

----- End forwarded message -----

Congrats for promoting the Debian way in the female community. I have
recently learned about the project in an online forum that was not
related to computing, nor Debian. As a male debian user, I like the
project a lot and I hope it keeps being fruitful, because there is much
need for a "female touch" in the Linux community and particularly in

I hope the Debian Women project goes a long way. I will track the
webpage periodically to see how it evolves, best whishes.


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