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Debian Women Website

Hello everyone,

I finally managed to write some documentation[1] about the new structure of
the Debian Women website. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions
about it.

Thanks to Clint Adams, we now have an official GNU Arch repository[2].
Everyone with access to the Debian Women space on Alioth should be able to
access that too. If you don't have access yet but would still like to
contribute, I'm sure that something can be arranged.

Last but not least, I'd like to make this an official call for help. First,
everyone is encouraged to send in questions, comments and suggestions
concerning the new website structure. The system seems to be working well,
but it is by far not perfect. Second, I would encourage everyone who feels up
to it to help port the content from the current website to the new structure.
The documentation at [1] should help with that, if not, feel free to ask on
this list, on IRC or in private.

The new website is currently not live yet, but it would be great to make the
move as soon as possible. So the more help I get with porting the current
content, the faster we can move. I'll try to setup a preview of the new
website on Alioth these days.


[1]: http://women.alioth.debian.org/website/contribute
[2]: http://arch.debian.org/arch/women/website

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