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Re: How do women become involved with free and open source software?

Quoting David Moreno Garza (damog@damog.net):

> > If so, we are apparently divided by a common language here. This is a 
> > "po-tay-to / po-tah-to" issue, I suspect.
> But what 'relation' would that mean, in that case?

If this means what I think it means (but, not being a native speaker,
I may be wrong...even if I'm sure I'm not), ie a couple-style relation
with someone else, I think the question is not really appropriate in
the context. After all, who would imagine asking that very same
question to a man ?

Bruce, no personal offense intended and this certainly does not remove
the interest of your list of question...but this is just a suggestion
to remove that specific one.

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